WEAT X The R Collective

In a one-of-kind collaboration – initiated by their founders, Nina Sieber of WEAT Studio and Dr. Christina Dean of The R Collective, the two brands combined their expertise and creativity to create a responsible design with a worthy cause. Joining forces, a curated collection of Weekender Canvas Bags has been developed through up- and recycling materials, converting single-use plastics and rescued luxury leather leftover into a stylish range of tote bags all towards supporting a more circular and sustainable fashion industry.  

WEAT Studio was created to serve strong, powerful, cosmopolitan women with a curated assortment of handbags and accessories. Inspired by their multifaceted lifestyles and independence, the brand redefines luxury into smart, versatile pieces with a seamless blend of fashion, finesse, and functionality. Following a sustainable approach in design and production, the aspiration of WEAT Studio is to do much more with less creating pieces to treasure for years to come.

The R Collective is a thriving social impact business with a vision of a world without fashion’s waste. By building an extensive network to rescue, reuse and recycle luxurious and premium waste materials into affordable fashion products, their mission is to accelerate sustainability and fashion circularity. The hallmark “The R Mark” verifies the traceability and circularity of their products, advocating fashion with a conscience.

For more information on the R Collective, visit here.

Whether to the beach, for a weekend escape or on-the-go shopping, the Weekender Canvas collection allows to carry life in style while knowing a difference is being made.

The sourced canvas material used for each handbag is made from 26-30 recycled plastic bottles. With access to fashion waste, The R Collective provided high quality leftover luxury reworked into a unique design with a high-end finish. To extend the ‘zero-waste’ principle, leftover leather scraps were used to produce keychains, attached to each bag, which display the ‘The R Mark” representative of their rescued and reused material use, and a second extension displaying the iconic WEAT logo. 

With every purchase, 50 USD will be donated to Redress, sister-charity to The R Collective, with a mission to prevent and transform textile waste for a more sustainable fashion landscape. 

For more information on Redress, their impact and ways to support, please visit here.


The MARINA HOERMANSEDER  x WEAT STUDIO capsule collection all began in secrecy with a good glass of red. A long-awaited catchup between two besties that barely get the chance to spend time in person as their lives and businesses keep them busy. Immersed in conversations about dogs, travels and some throwbacks to their time together studying at ESMOD – the idea of a collaboration was born. A decade of friendship, unconditional support of each other’s brands and the mutual entrepreneurial mindset, needless to say: it calls for co-creating something special!


Between sketchbooks and prototypes, the creative process commenced cross-continent, in Hong Kong and Berlin, and created a creative dialogue between the designers and their international teams. Experimenting with shapes, shades, and selection of materials. And then - it truly got underway! The designers both called upon their vast design expertise, their fashion affinity, their creativity, and love for detail. Two years in the making, now blossoming.


Both designers bring their singular style to this unique capsule collection merging the individual signatures of both brands. Marina’s iconic buckle design meets WEAT Studio’s iconic bag silhouettes. Fine materials, eco-friendly vegan leather paired with 14k plated rose gold design details, provide for an unconventional yet sophisticated look. The handbag range reveals a fusion of Marina’s feminine, vanguard style and Nina’s grasp of international fashion trends. Eccentric yet wearable pieces are launched to make a unique style statement.


It’s all vegan, baby! Honouring our beautiful planet earth, the capsule collection is made in 100% eco-friendly vegan leather. Both labels are dedicated to sustainable designs: high-quality, durable, and long-lasting materials that are as circular as possible. It’s more than just a pretty bag – it’s an accessory to love, wear, and keep, beyond one season. 


Female Founders, New Moms, Dog Lovers – Marina and Nina have been friends for years. The bond between them is both foundation and inspiration — reaffirming women empowerment and collaboration. It creates opportunities to build friendship, to exchange ideas and grow collectively, and encourages each of us to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. One of the
great qualities that women bring as leaders is that they inspire other women, and Marina and Nina are in the mission of enlivening that vision through this collaboration.


Girl, you’re about to walk into one of the best chapters of your life — with a MARINA HOERMANSEDER x WEAT STUDIO bag in your hand. Get set, ready, GLOW!