bali magic

Hey Beach Babes and Beach Beauties!

Time to sprinkle some Bali magic into your life! Happiness, sea, sand & sun - all wrapped up in our limited Bali Collection of handcrafted treasures. These gems embody the best of Bali - vibrant colors, natural elements, and the radiant energy of the sun.

Handmade with love

Bali in every stitch: Our collection is crafted with love right on the beautiful island itself, featuring two stunning bikinis and two elegant crochet hats. And guess what? Each piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, making them all distinct and truly exceptional. These unique creations do not exist a second time. They´re made from 100% organic cotton for an incredible wearing experience.

Sun Colorshade

In a radiant sun yellow and a soft blue, it adds the perfect tropical touch to your outfit. Feel the warmth of the sun and the calming ocean breeze wherever you go.


Breeze Colorshade

Brings a sense of lightness with its cool and refreshing tones, evoking the feeling of a gentle breeze. Experience the serenity of a Bali beach as you wear this delightful Colorshade.


Each piece tells a story, and you get to continue writing it. A piece of Bali forever.

Now, let us bring the Bali feeling right to your home:

Happiness is just a crochet away. Discover your treasure in the Bali Crochet Collection. Happy exploring!

Bali Crochet Collection

WEAT BALI Spotify playlist

Bali Beats on Repeat: Get in the mood with our special Spotify playlist!