Our bags are made with high quality vegetable tanned leather. Nevertheless, to ensure that you get the most out of your new fave fashion piece, we recommend giving it the occasional extra love and maintenance.

Keep your bag away from water, rainfall and humidity in general. If it does get wet, remove the water immediately with paper towels, put some paper inside to absorb the humidity and let the leather dry naturally. Don’t use hairdryers or ventilators to dry the bag.

It is fine to take your bag out for a spin in the sun. However, you should avoid leaving it directly in the sunlight, as the exposure to the heat could cause the color to fade.

Any loose dirt or dust can be wiped away with a soft cloth, if the stain is persistent try rubbing carefully with a slightly damp cloth and dry immediately with paper towels afterwards. Don’t use any cleaning products or colored leather creams, they could damage to your bag.

Superficial marks or dirt can be rubbed carefully with a soft cloth. Marks could appear naturally on the leather surface with age and the finish may start to lose color. This is completely normally, as leather is a natural product and it is just a sign of a well-loved product.

Please note that dark colored leather bags may transfer color to light fabrics and leave marks. The other way around dark fabrics may also transfer color to light colored leather. Be extra careful with our suede collection.

Additional Information depending on Leather Type:

Suede leather: Suede is a very absorbent material and marks very easily. We recommend purchasing a suede protector spray to prevent water, dirt and moisture stains. For the occasional dust you can find specialty suede leather brushes. Brush carefully and only in one direction to remove dust and dirt. With small back and forth movements you can get rid of more persistent stains, but be gentle.

Velvet: Velvet is a very sensitive material and can absorb moisture and stains easily. Dust and dirt can be wiped with a soft cloth only in one direction. For superficial marks you can use a new soft brush and carefully brush into one direction a few times.

Raffia: Raffia is a natural material and should be kept away from water, rainfall and humidity in general, because water could shrink the fiber and make the bag loose body and shape. If it does get wet carefully wipe it with paper towels and fill the bag with dry newspaper to conserve the shape. It is a durable material and the color can become warmer with age, this is completely normal. Don't use harsh chemical cleaners on stains, or this may stain raffia and cause discoloration. It is strongly recommended to spot clean raffia with a very small amount water only as needed.

Hardware: We use gold colored plated hardware to make our stylish bags. The golden hardwares will not loose clarity and color if handled with special care. Avoid any contact with other surfaces. Avoid all contacts with liquids and especially cremes or hand lotions. Please note that we cannot accept any complaints due to loss of color of our gold plated hardwares.