Cher (1996 jane pauley interview)

mom i am a rich man

It all began with Cher's famous words: "Mom, I am a rich man." A powerful expression of independence and self-assuredness. A message so inspiring that we want to wear it and share it.

WEAT x Saint Sass

Surprise for you

We've teamed up with Saint Sass to bring you something extraordinary this season. A special gift for all beautiful and strong women out there. On the occasion of Saint Sass's second birthday, we've exclusively reserved 100 pieces of their iconic "Mom, I am a rich man" statement tights and a WEAT leather heart charm just for you. These accessories symbolize strength and independence, encouraging you to confidently chart your own path.

About the brand

Saint Sass

Vivien Wysocki and Larissa Schmid, the visionary creators of Saint Sass, are on a mission to craft exceptional tights that exude female empowerment and self-assuredness. In their debut collection, you'll find styles that embody these principles. Each piece is produced in Europe and meticulously perfected in Germany. These tights are designed for women who reject stereotypes, embrace transformation, and appreciate life's beautiful contrasts. They're the perfect choice for any occasion – let your unique spirit shine.

WEAT x Saint Sass

It's a match